Emergency Financial Relief


“We don’t give a hand out we give a hand up” 

The Emergency Financial Relief Program (WRAP) aims to help individuals and families in the resolution of immediate financial crisis. In addition to assisting with their current crisis situations, WRAP provides clients with information, resources, referrals and advocacy.

“Assistance is given in such a way as to empower the client and encourage autonomy”

Our clients come from very diverse backgrounds, represent many nationalities and range in age from sixteen to the nineties. They also face a range of challenges including disability, parenting with minimal support, domestic violence, homelessness and mental health issues.

In the last year we have noticed an increase in homelessness within the clients we assist and that there has also been an increase within homelessness for families who have recently migrated to Australia. Due to the enforced changed rules within Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) there has been a decline in EAPA assistance given.

For those clients who have more complex needs, we also offer ongoing, short-term case management. Our caseworkers seek to identify, work with and build on the strengths of clients in case management sessions. They also work in conjunction with other internal and external agencies to maximise the benefit of the service to the client.

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