COOL LITTLE KIDS- Anxiety Prevention Program

Event Date : Wednesday 15 May – 19 June

Burwood Community Welfare Services welcomes


Anxiety Prevention Program


  • Is your child shy?
  • Are they slow to warm up to others?
  • Do they have trouble separating from you?
  • Is your child a bit of a worrier?
  • Would you describe your child as fearful or sensitive?
Cool Kids ia a group program developed at Macquarie University for parents of children (3 to 6 years) with Anxiety.
It is a structured program that teaches children and their parents how to better manage a child’s anxiety.


  • limited free child minding 

  • Free Morning Tea


When: Wednesday 15 May – 19 June (6 weeks)

Time: 10am to 12pm

Where: Burwood Community Welfare Services:

2 Wyatt Ave.

Burwood 2134


For more information & registration contact:

Cheryl, Maria or HyeSun

 (02) 9744-1866


The group is run for 6 sessions over 6 weeks and is open to families where a little extra support is required in managing the everyday role of being a parent.






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