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In the last 12 months in order to reach and fulfil our four strategic platforms we need clients to be able to access our services. In January 2013 BCWS had no choice but to move from its central location within Burwood CBD to a more remote premise which is no longer within Burwood CBD. Our new premises are not located close to public transport.

Since our relocation visitors to the Centre have dropped dramatically. We are currently borrowing a bus twice a week in order to conduct a shuttle service, however the communities demand for a bus is much greater than what we can provide without a BCWS owned bus.


6 reasons why BCWS needs their own bus

To increase access to BCWS (which has decreased significantly since the move)

To increase volunteer participation within BCWS. BCWS have had a decline in volunteer participation due to our location. BCWS relies heavily on volunteer participation to deliver its service.­)

To support people living with disabilities, elderly and mothers with children at accessing our facilities.

To minimise social isolation within the community by providing social outings for people in need.

Providing consistent and reliable service to the community(which we cannot do while dependant on the Council’s bus)

To be able to establish a regular foodbank run in order to provide food parcels to those in need within the local area.


In the last year it is averaged 19% of clients visiting the Centre have used the shuttle bus. As the bus has become more advertised it’s as high as 44% (within the month of may) of the weekly clients are using the bus. This is only running a shuttle service two days a week. Imagine how many clients we could assist if BCWS had their own bus.

“BCWS is going to make the Inner West a better place – We just need your help in securing donations so we can purchase a bus”

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