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Volunteers are crucial to the running of daily services within BCWS. Over 50 volunteers are responsible for tasks such as Reception and Customer Service Officers, Administration Support, Bus drivers, Information and Technology Support, Counselling and Meals on Wheels deliveries among many other roles.

Specifically the Front Desk Staff and Reception Team are the first contact that many clients have with the services at BCWS. They welcome visitors to the Centre and coordinate the Centres day to day schedules. The Meals on Wheels Volunteers assist with the delivering of quality meals to our clients on a day to day basis. These volunteers also provide clients with valued social interaction and wellbeing checks. The Meals on Wheels volunteers also run and organise fortnightly weekly Centre based social groups.  The Volunteer Counselling Team is made up from a fully trained team of volunteer counsellors, intern psychologists and social workers. These counsellors provide a generalist counselling program that offers support to our clients.

Volunteering at BCWS provides the opportunity to learn and improve on necessary skills that benefit not only with professional development but also personal development. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to “give back” and contribute to community development and wellbeing. BCWS volunteers are also met with an incredibly welcoming team which provides a further support network and social interaction.

If you are interested in volunteering with BCWS please complete the following form and someone will contact you shortly to discuss the volunteering opportunities available. Otherwise visit the Volunteer Vacancies page.

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