BCWS Fundraising – Return and Earn


We are not asking for much, just your Trash!

Commencing 27th August 2018, BCWS will be partnering with Return and Earn as a local donation partner and will be listed as a donation recipient on their Reverse Vending Machines until 24th February 2019.

During this time BCWS will be actively promoting the NSW Government’s Return and Earn litter reduction initiative to help reduce the number of drink containers in the litter stream and to raise funds to support our Centre’s impact driven community programs.

As you may be aware Burwood Community Welfare Services (BCWS) is dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe space for the disadvantaged members of our Inner West community. We inform, engage, and connect people to essential services.

So, why support this effort?

Because, when people work together, big and better things can be achieved!.

By collecting and returning eligible containers to any of the return points or dropping off to our Neighbourhood Centre, in 2 Wyatt Ave. Burwood, your donation will take care of your neighbours. You will also be contributing to your local community whilst effortlessly taking care of the environment.  

Our allocated Reverse Vending Machines to donate are located:

Woolworths Dan Murphy’s Burwood: 312 Parramatta Rd, Burwood

Sydney Markets/Paddy’s Markets: 318 Parramatta Rd, Homebush West

Or drop off to our Neighbourhood Centre

Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc.:  2 Wyatt Ave, Burwood


Help us by donating to us, by raising awareness of our donation drive and by helping us get our flyer in community newsletters and social media pages. (I have attached a flyer to this mail with listed return points.)

Even a few cents donation today can help us make a big difference in people’s lives for the future!

With deep appreciation


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