As we look back and reflect on the end of the Step Stone Course we wish to thank all who have contributed to the Success of the Step Stone Project.
Thanks to the NSW Government through Women NSW Investing in Women funding program.

Investing in Women Program Projects encourages leadership and economic independence and support the training, employment, and retention of women in traditionally male-dominated trades and industries.

Our Step Stone Teacher Sava from Petersham TAFE NSW . Her invaluable skills and knowledge boosted our participants skills and confidence progressing throughout the course.

To the Volunteers at Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc. who assisted our participants by setting up the classroom, preparing lunches and being a teachers aid at every class run.

The Staff of BCWS who has seen this project blossom from start to end. From the grant application process to the endless emails, meetings and sms texts in coordinating this course so it ran smoothly for our participants.

Last but not least, our participants whom we feel they left a little more inspired than when they came in.

Big thanks to everyone who made The Step Stone Project a success it was.
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Week 8 of the Step Stone Course: Our Final Class:

A day of sadness and joy. Sadness because it was the last day of the course. Joy because new friendships were made.
There was a particularly delicious final lunch where the Staff and Volunteers of Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc. joined us to congratulate the participants.

Most important so much was learnt and knowledge was shared between the participants.

Here's what some of the participants said they had gained from the Step Stone Project:

' I did this course to learn how to keep my children safe online’

‘I used to ask my teenage son to help me with my resume. After this course I know how to do it for my self’

‘when my husband worked on the computer I could never understand how he did it, seemed like magic. Now I know a few of his tricks’

We hope it won't be long before we're able to run another course like this.

The Step Stone project is supported by NSW Government through Women NSW
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We also wish to acknowledge and Thank Andrew Parissis Father Harry.
Harry was presented a certificate of appreciation by our CEO Christine Strachan .
In recognition of making a positive difference and driving his Son to our Centre for the last 20 years for his role at BCWS.
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On behalf of the Management Committee of Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc, We wish to thank Andrew Parissis for his dedicated and committed performance over the 20 years you has contributed to this community as a volunteer.

The years he has worked here have been marked by unsurpassed leadership and effective Management. Andrew has been an inspiration to all of us with his qualities of fairness and understanding of those who are socially and/ or economically disadvantaged.

We give you a special thanks for your caring.

Thank you for giving Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc. your best at all times. May Andrew always enjoy success in all your endeavours in the years to come.

We are proud and blessed to have Andrew dedicate and contribute his efforts to BCWS.
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